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Honbasuke Service

Final Sharpening

In Japan it is customary for chefs to sharpen their knives before using them to tune them to their own specifications, single bevel knives in particular often require a significant amount of work to optimise their performance. Japanese knife shops often offer a Honbasuke service so that customers have the option to get knives sharpened before taking them away if they don't want to do it themselves.

Our Honbasuke service is aimed for people looking to extract more performance out of their knives who don't feel confident or have the time to do it themselves, using a progression of whetstones and strops we will refine the edge on your knife before posting/shipping it to you.

(This service can only be chosen at the point of purchase)

For double bevel knives we prefer to sharpen either right or left handed making the edge asymmetrical, if you prefer a 50/50 edge please note this at the checkout. If you have any special requests please note them in the comments at the checkout and we will try our best to accommodate them.

This service does not include thinning or reprofiling. With single bevel knives we dont touch the whole of the blade road, just the Ura and microbevel.

We charge £15.00 per knife for Honbasuke sharpening, if you want multiple knives sharpened from your basket you will need to select the service for each given knife.