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Terms of our sharpening services

Terms & conditions of our sharpening service


-Once you order our sharpening service, this agreement between you and us is commenced. The service will commence immediately.


-Once you order our service, you are authorising us to sharpen and repair your knives/scissors as we see fit based on our experience and knowledge of knives/scissors. This may include (but is not limited to) changes to the edge geometry, edge angle, edge width, and overall edge shape. As well as the overall knife profile, geometry, shape, patterns/logo engraving, length and height. Wherever possible we will maintain the manufacturers specifications, but this may not always be possible especially with repairs. Also, consequently, the quote price may change when we finish sharpening/repairing.


-If you have any special requests relating to how you would like your knives/scissors sharpened and/or repaired, please ensure you inform us on the same day you order. If no special requests are made, we will sharpen and repair based on what we think is best based on our experience and knowledge of knives/scissors.


-We shall in no way be held liable for damages, losses or costs incurred from us changing the knives/scissors away from manufacturers specifications and/or specifications requested by you. You authorise us to alter your knives/scissors as we see fit.


-On the very rare occasion a knife/scissors cannot be sharpened and/or repaired, the knife/scissors will be returned unsharpened/unrepaired and a refund given on the individual knife/scissors. We will contact you to discuss this before we do so.


-We will not be held liable for any costs or damages arising from breakages to knives/scissors that have existing faults.


-We cannot guarantee longevity of sharpness. The time that a knife/scissors stays sharp is dependant on many external factors that we have no control.


(18th July, 2023)