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Sharpening Services


Japanese Craftsmanship 
Our professional sharpeners has over 10 years experience in sharpening business.
We carefully inspect each knife or tool we receive to assess the best method to sharpen or repair it, often providing a variety of options to the customer regarding the approach. We specialize in hand sharpening and repairs and do all of our work freehand using natural and synthetic whetstones, rotary whetstones, buffing machines & variable speed belt sanders when necessary. Our staff have trained with knifemakers and scissors manufacturers in Japan and are continually trying to improve our services through training and innovation.
*We strive to provide the best service possible and return knives as quickly as we are able but cannot guarantee knives will be completed within a specific timeline.
Usual Lead Time: Approx 7-10 Working Days
Single bevel cutlery and heavy repair work require a minimum of 7 days before completion.
Knife Repairs
We offer a restoration service for Japanese knives: we can repair broken tips, remove chips and rust from both double and single bevel cutlery. We can also thin down old Japanese cutlery to restore cutting performance. 



(Revised on April 12, 2024)



Double Bevel Knives:

(Mono steel) £1.00 Per Inch

(Laminated steel) £1.50 Per Inch


Single Bevel Knives:

(Non-traditional Mono Steel) Starting at £2.00 Per Inch

(Laminated steel) £3.50 Per Inch


Honyaki Knives: Starting at £60.00

Wide Bevel Knives: £3.80 Per Inch


Tip Repairs: Starting at £5.00


Re-Profiling/Chip Removal: Starting at £10.00


Rust Removal: Starting at £10.00


Full Repairing:

(inc. sharpening, tip repairs, rust removal, polishing and thinning)

(<5 Inch/-160mm) £28.00

(5-8 Inch/160-180mm) £38.00

(8-9 Inch/210-240mm) £40.00

(9< Inch/240mm-) Price on inspection


---(Serrated) Bread Knives---

Starting at £15.00


---Pocket Knives (eg. Higonokami craft knives) ---

Starting at £8.00



Kitchen/Tailor Scissors: Starting at £15.00

Hairdressing Scissors: Starting at £18.00

Repairs: Price on inspection


---Secateurs/Gardening Shears---

Sharpening: Starting at £15.00


---Mandolin Blades---

Starting at £9.00


 Dropping knives into the store for resharpening
It’s important that knives are individually wrapped to ensure they are not damaged during transport and to ensure your safety.
We will not accept uncleaned cutlery / knife, those which are made of ceramic / titanium for sharpening.
 Posting Knives for sharpening services (GB Addresses only)
1. Printout request form below and fill up form then send with your knife/knives, email us to let us know your planning on posting your knives to us, it’s important to let us know if knives require repair or restoration
2. Items should be individually wrapped and secured in a box padded out with bubble-wrap to protect them during transit
3. Post by registered post or courier and include a note with your address and delivery details
  4. Once we have received your cutlery we will call and give you a final quote over the phone
5. We will send an invoice via email for the sharpening including the price of the return postage
     * Please print out our sharpening service form and terms & conditions, filled and send to us with your knife/knives/scissors requested.
 Commercial Sharpening

We can collect knives from your premises if located within zones 1 of London provided you have a minimum of 15 knives, once re-sharpened they will be returned to your premises. This service must be pre-booked. Knives for collection must be completely clean and securely wrapped ready for pickup.   


Feel free to contact us regarding our sharpening services anytime in opening hours by phone  

Telephone: 020 7836 5553